Employment Background Check

Each year, billions of dollars are paid in damages due to fraud in the workplace. People lie and cheat, but employers have come with a viable solution that would save them the trouble caused by fraud: the pre – employment background check.

What is a pre – employment background check?

Background Check ScenariosIf you are not familiar with the concept, a job background check is a process of investigating the background of a potential employee, as well as the claims from the applicant’s resume. Usually, the most valuable information is that about a person’s criminal history.

One information you must have in mind. If an employer wants to administer a background check on you before hiring, he/she must first ask for your permission. It is forbidden by law for companies to conduct an employment background check without the applicant’s consent. However, refusing will raise a red flag for your potential employer. Refusing means not getting the job.

You may be wondering what an employment background check contains. Well, it may include, among others, information about your criminal history, financial reporting (although the credit score is irrelevant), immigration status (if need be), social security number, medical history, past jobs, and education. The list can go on. It mostly depends on the job you want to apply to. Don’t think that an applicant for a minimum wage job will be as checked as a candidate for a high-security government job.

What you need to know about the source of such information, you should be aware that it may differ. Since Freedom Of Information Act, a lot of private companies have flourished. Government agencies are no longer the only ones that can provide sensitive information about people and organizations.

Government agencies are the ‘go to’ source for an employment background check, but they have a huge downside. Their requests take forever to process. It is true; they may be cheaper than third-party companies, but they are at slug speed. In case you are curious, the fee a government agency asks for a background check is nominal. Not that it will make any difference. They are still very slow.

What you also need to know is that when going to a government agency, it depends on what level you need the inquiry. Small amounts of information can be found at a county sheriff’s office, whereas if you need an extended, in-depth background check, you need to go to an upper level. Sometimes, the level can go as up as the Federal Bureau of Investigation. Nothing can top an FBI background check.

With private companies is much more simple. They even provide some information for free (usually, information that can be found in public records), but their price per background search varies. It depends on the extent of it. If you need a small piece of information, then you may not pay so much. But if you need extra sensitive, confidential information, then an employment background check can cost you a small fortune.

What I find extraordinary about these companies is that they are online. It makes everyone’s life so much easier. You won’t have to go somewhere, stay in line, and then wait for 30 days. All you have to do is submit a request online. Chances are you will get the information on the spot.

I hope that this article helps you and it is the information you were searching. Employers really take advantage of this tool, but I believe that it is a good thing. Trust may sometimes be a luxury some people cannot afford.

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